Backup & Recovery

Backups are critical for business data

“But I use cloud services, isn’t everything already backed up?!”
No. Typically, you are responsible for archiving your own data for online services.
With G Suite, even if you install the desktop sync tool, your docs and sheets don’t get backed up to your computer – only links to google drive with no data inside.

Local Archiving and Cloud Backup solutions
Using local network storage and backup software, all of your cloud services can be archived to an on-premises location where you always know your critical data exists. For G Suite, we have a solution that automatically converts your docs and sheets into word and excel so that they are actually backed up and can be used offline. Most other online services can also be backed up locally to one of our high-capacity linux-based RAID-protected network attached storage servers. On the inverse – we can also help you back everything up to a cloud backup system like Carbonite, CrashPlan, Google Drive, AWS, etc.

What about our 1-1000+ computers?
No problem! We specialize in backup solutions for the enterprise as well as the small office. We can help you back up all of your systems to a server, to the cloud, or any other way that makes sense. We ensure that the backups stay encrypted, with no way for employees to look at other users’ data. Choose your redundancy and location – back up to multiple storage locations and services.

What happens when we need to restore?
Since we use a variety of backup methods – this can vary from the user being able to restore their own files, to G-Tech doing a full network recovery after a ransomware attack. One thing that is always the same: We are here to help via remote session or site visit!