Wireless / Wired Network Design

Ubiquiti Unifi Network Components – Take a look at Unifi @ https://unifi-network.ui.com/
  • Do you find yourself unplugging your router and plugging it back in often?
  • Do you need more WiFi coverage?
  • Do you care about security?

G-Tech SD designs, installs, and maintains Unifi Wired / Wireless Networks
We have chosen the Unifi platform for it’s excellent performance, security, monitoring, low cost of ownership and high customer satisfaction

With Unifi, centralized management of your network becomes simplified
All devices like routers, switches, wireless access points etc work together under one system which can be managed remotely by G-Tech SD. We can handle multiple sites with 1-100+ access points connected by VPNs. These systems are highly reliable – Quite often problems are spotted and solved before our customers notice anything

Performance and Coverage
Ubiquti Unifi routers, switches, and wireless access points offer superior performance and coverage when installed and configured properly. Wireless Access Points can be quickly added or fine tuned to eliminate dead spots and slow speeds

RADIUS x JumpCloud WiFi & VPN
Companies needing the highest level of security or compliance need RADIUS.
With RADIUS, you control who has access to your wireless network by assigning specific user accounts from your directory (JumpCloud). When connecting, users are asked for a username and password. This means that when accounts are suspended, they are no longer able to access the company WiFi, but everyone else is unaffected. For the highest level of security, Multi-Factor Authentication can also be used when connecting to the network using JumpCloud and any iOS / Android phone. RADIUS and MFA is not just for the WiFi; These features can be used for VPNs too!

One of the greatest benefits is how Unifi allows for separated WiFi networks which prevent guests from accessing your internal network

Monetized Public Hotspot with Payment Processing
We can install our managed systems in high-traffic public areas where people are willing to pay for WiFi. Credit Cards are accepted upon connecting to the network, as well as vouchers which can be generated for specific time intervals

G-Tech SD makes our own 3D-printed “MicroRacks” for Unifi devices
Pictured above: These low-profile configurations combine a Security Gateway, 8-Port POE Switch, Cloud Key, and Wireless Access Point with silent cooling and cable management and only one power cable for everything. This setup is excellent for small offices which still need advanced features which the new Unifi Dream Machine does not have, like Power Over Ethernet to easily add access points and other devices.

Unifi Dream Machine

For homes and small offices which don’t require advanced features
Features such as POE (Power Over Ethernet), and if the office has only a couple of wired devices, we recommend the Unifi Dream Machine (pictured above) which combines all of the components of the MicroRack into a very elegant, living space-oriented design which we can manage for you just the same as our larger networks using Unifi.

We can help with your existing Unifi network!
We do upgrades, regular maintenance, consulting, monitoring and configuration.
Call us today for a free intro consultation! (510) 764.3127 – help@gtechsd.com