G Suite Admin / Setup / Migration

Google’s premium suite of apps designed for 1-1000+ users

E-Mail, Files, Calendar, Meetings
Use your own domain! You can have anything@yourcompany.com
Don’t get caught handing out @gmail.com or @aol.com addresses to clients
With G Suite, your organization can always have the latest tools to work together.
Create and share Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and files securely.
Being an industry leader, this platform is highly supported by other business solutions.

Security Focused Management
Security at Google is top-notch, and G Suite can even be HIPAA compliant. Unfortunately, this only applies if your organization is configured properly.
Settings like enforcing 2-Step Verification are a MUST – we can help!
We work with your HR team to actively manage and monitor your users

JumpCloud Integration
Ask how G-Tech SD can integrate JumpCloud, allowing users to log on to their computers using their G Suite account with exceptional centralized management.
G Suite and JumpCloud are a dream come true, and in many cases is a simplified and less expensive alternative to Microsoft Active Directory.

Get 20% off of your G Suite Business subscription for a year!
If you are about to get started with G Suite Business or are upgrading from Basic, G-Tech SD has coupon codes good for 20% off your first year.