Multi-Factor Authentication

A YubiKey allowing a user to log in to LastPass without wires

The majority of respectable IT professionals agree: Everyone should use MFA
Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on your online accounts (also known as MFA, 2-Step Verification, 2-Factor) is one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself secure.

Why do we need it?
When you log in to a web site or app, you are usually asked for a username and a password. Historically this has worked well enough for most of us in keeping out other people. Unfortunately due to the nature of the internet and security trends, this method of authentication is not enough. Every day, passwords are stolen, guessed, leaked or compromised in some other way and then sold or traded on the black market.

So how do you keep hackers out of your accounts if they have your password?
This is where MFA comes in. At the sign-in screen, a username and password is entered, but in addition a second password is required. This second password is not something that you know or have to remember – it is auto-generated by an app or USB Security Key and only you can provide that code.

Google Authenticator app used for generating one-time use MFA codes

Sound Complicated? It can be! Leave it to us.
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