Network Security and Anti Virus

We have partnered with Bitdefender to provide our clients with enhanced security for the Enterprise

Ransomware. Viruses. Data Breaches. Identity Theft.
These are things that can put even a successful company out of business, and they are the biggest threats to your IT infrastructure. How do you protect against these things in an environment with many users and computers, while centrally managing and monitoring detection of threats? With Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools.

Let us handle everything!
As your managed service provider, we will keep track of security and antivirus for all of your computers. No matter how many users or computers you have, G-Tech SD can install our managed security solution and monitor it remotely, keeping you protected.

From 1-1000+ computers
With 15 or more computers, licensing and management of settings can be time consuming when using traditional anti-virus software. Our solution is enterprise ready, and makes deployment and configuration changes quick and easy. With traditional anti-virus, you might have to touch every computer to change a simple setting. With our central management, we can push changes to all systems at once.

Invest in your security – it’s a lot cheaper than ignoring it
Whether you want the best protection or just have a lot of computers, we can help.
Give us a call at (510) 764.3127 or E-Mail and ask about security.