Pi-hole: Network-wide Ad Blocker on a Raspberry Pi or Virtual Machine

Raspberry Pi: An inexpensive miniature computer which runs Linux

Recently I started looking for things to do with the Raspberry Pi computers I had laying around. I came across a way to block advertisements on your whole network, using DNS blacklisting – it’s called: Pi-Hole ( https://pi-hole.net/ )

Screenshot of Pi-Hole

How it works
As your computer goes to websites on the internet, it uses DNS to find the servers you are looking for – to access web sites, e-mail, etc. Pi-hole gets between your computer and DNS and blocks known advertising sites based on public lists, but lets good traffic through. Since DNS is a fairly lightweight protocol, the Raspberry Pi handles it extremely well and does not slow down your browsing. The best part: with an easy router setting, every computer on your network can use it without going around to each one.

So no more ads when I go online?
After installing Pi-hole, you will see an immediate and drastic reduction in ads when you visit web sites. There may be white spaces instead of the content, or all traces may disappear. Like Viruses, advertisers will always find some way to get their content in front of you – but as you can see in the picture above, around 20% of all traffic was blocked. This number can be even higher depending on the sites you visit.

Need help setting this up?
G-Tech SD can install this solution quickly and easily on your network!
We can supply the Raspberry Pi and software, then configure your router so all computers on your network use Pi-hole for DNS.
Just call (510) 764.3127 or send an e-mail to: help@gtechsd.com