Password Management with LastPass

LastPass manages all of your passwords and works on computers & mobile devices
  • Do you use the same password for everything?
  • Do you waste time every day looking up and typing passwords?
  • Are you using Word, Excel, Notepad to store your precious passwords?

All of those things are very common mistakes, which can lead to your accounts being hacked or held ransom, among other unfortunate consequences.

Enter LastPass
With this browser plugin and smart phone app, you can auto-generate different strong, randomized passwords for every site you log in to. The passwords are kept in an ultra-secure vault, which can be protected by Multi-Factor authentication.

No more typing passwords!
LastPass will auto-fill your credentials when logging in to web sites, saving you time.

Easily add existing accounts to your vault
When you log in to a web site, LastPass offers to add it to your vault. When you change your passwords, LastPass offers to update your vault.

LastPass Enterprise is Business Ready
With this edition, employee vaults can be owned by the company and audited. See who is using weak passwords or not using MFA in the Admin Console. Our favorite feature of Enterprise: Use YubiKeys to unlock your LastPass vault. G-Tech SD can help your organization adopt LastPass and then actively manage it, saving your company countless hours every year.

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