Servers and Network Storage

A QNAP Rack-Mount NAS with 32gb of RAM, 8 drive bays, and Virtualization capabilities

Sometimes the cloud just can’t keep up
With QNAP Network Attached Storage servers, you can add terabytes of high-performance data storage to your network. These linux-based systems are feature-packed and work for most business applications. They support most operating systems (PC, Mac, Linux) and make excellent file servers, backup archives, and even application servers using Virtualization Station.

SSDs, Hard Drives, RAID = More capacity and speed
With RAID, your data is protected from one or more drive failures depending on how it is configured. As well as redundancy, RAID arrays can also be much faster than a single drive, since the performance from all drives can be combined. The QNAP server pictured above can accommodate up to eight 10TB drives, which would equal ~40TB of usable storage in RAID10, or ~60TB using RAID6 for more fault tolerance.