Solid State Drive Upgrades

SSDs have no moving parts and are much faster than Hard Drives

Make your older Laptop or Desktop 5x faster than when it was new
If you have an older computer, chances are it is has a conventional spinning hard drive. This is where all of your files and software is stored on your computer, so speed and reliability are important factors. Solid State Drives replace these spinning Hard Drives with a much faster and more reliable method for storing data – like a big flash drive! Most computers since 2010 can be upgraded to an SSD, extending their life by years and sometimes running as fast as a new computer.

Prices are plummeting!
Recently SSDs have become so popular that they have come down in price, making them a no-brainer upgrade for your older computer (Along with more RAM).

Seamless Transition
We have upgraded so many computers that we really have it down to a science. You will not lose any files or settings after this upgrade, your hard drive is cloned. The only thing you will notice is a night-and-day difference when starting up and opening programs and more space if you choose a larger capacity drive.

It’s not IF a drive will fail, it’s WHEN
Older computers with their original hard drives are always getting closer to their guaranteed eventual failure, getting slower every day. We recommend replacing these aging hard drives before they stop working so that you are far less likely to lose data.